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100x100, 100x100 brushes, 80's movies, adobe photoshop, alex/addison, alexis bledel, banners, barry zito, baseball, basketball, bright/hannah, brushes, coach/mrs. coach, colors, counting crows, creativity, cruel intentions, ephram/amy, everwood, fanart, felicity, films, filters, fonts, friday night lights, friends, garden state, gilmore girls, gradients, green day, grey's anatomy, harry potter, icons, james lafferty, jess mariano, jess/rory, joan of arcadia, law and order: svu, logan/veronica, lorelai/luke, love actually, matt/julie, milo ventimiglia, monica/chandler, moulin rouge, movies, nathan/haley, one tree hill, pacey/joey, peanuts, photoshop, reese witherspoon, rob thomas, ron/hermione, rory gilmore, rory/jess, rory/logan, ross/rachel, ryan gosling, ryan phillippe, sex and the city, something corporate, studio 60, textures, the lion king, the oc, the office, the virgin suicides, the west wing, tulips, tv shows, veronica mars, wallpapers, web design

This is the new personal graphics community of beeeeej, boozesnooze, colourmayfade, and sadie_carter.

We post icons, and other forms of artwork here. Feel free to friend for updates.

*Comment. All of us are comment whores. We welcome comments.
*Credit in keywords. Don't credit the community(justaquicke ) credit whichever one of us made the icon. If you don't know how to do it. Ask one of us!
*Don't steal or change the icons. That isn't cool.
*Don't hotlink. We don't take from you, don't take from us.
*You can view our work via tags which are listed by our name and subject
*Our older work is at lost_wars(Lore). neverspellbound(Deh). elvis_art(Ash). They will still be "open" as an archive.

capturedthegirl. cartwheeels. colorsdontgo. fizz_i_cons. foursides. forsaken_muse. girlish_stuff. hollowskies. icon_dysenchant. icon_supernova. lambietoes. lotninety2. random_sparks. scissormarks

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